health and wellbeing

for people in South England


Our Mission

The programme consists of five geographical hubs which each have high indices of multiple deprivation. They are led by the Public Health team and delivered in collaboration with local statutory and voluntary sector partners.

The Chances4Change portfolio has been awarded £1.8m from the Big Lottery Fund Well Being New phase programme for another two years. The portfolio runs from July 2013 to June 2015 and will address the key strands of Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Mental Well-Being. The lead organisation is Portsmouth City Council.


Physical Activites

Our aim is to tackle barriers to people participating in physical activities whether on personal or environmental level. We hope to support 1964 people to increase their levels of physical activity with 145 mentors and champions and 6 community led initiatives. 


Healthy Eating

Our aim is to equip people with growing, cooking, budgeting skills and knowledge of healthy food choices. We hope to train 215 cookery leaders, set up 5 cookery networks, support 1500 people in healthy eating and 6 community led initiatives.


Mental Health

Our aim is to tackle causes of mental distress and challenge stigma. We hope to train 380 people as champions and mentors who are able to recognise causes of mental distress and take actions to minimise their distress and others. 


514 people have increased their physical activity levels as a result of change projects.


We have trained 48 people as mentors and have given them support to organise projects that provide opportunities for local people to become more active.


548 people have increased their knowledge and skills about eating healthy food and have greater access to healthy food as a result of the chances4change programme.


We have trained 200 people as mentors to work with communities to grow food locally, increase the community's knowledge, develop food skills and improve eating habits.


1448 people have improved mental well-being through preventative approaches to common mental health problems and through challenging stigma about mental health issues.


158 people have been trained as mentors to be able to recognise causes of mental distress and take actions to minimise their own distress to others.


We have 5 geographical hubs and one non-geographical delivery support hub which consists of 6 Chances4Change delivery partners from the old phase.


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